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With a passion for the best of cuisines around the world, Bouchra and the Threads team shares their love of elegant, creative and, above all, tasty food.
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Why Threads?
Threads is set in the old Les Sedes textile factory, lovingly restored with the unique, very red, 19th century factory flooring, steel industrial columns and the arched ceilings typical of the region. 

The building dates back to 1848 when it was the first steam-driven textile plant in Vilassar de Dalt, a town with a rich history in textile production. With a history like that, what else could we do but give the restaurant a properly textile-related name?
We make tasting menus, ranging from the eight course Cotton Menu to the thirteen course Silk Menu. We are here to take you on a journey of flavours, using local ingredients as much as possible to celebrate the incredible flavours of the Catalan region, but building flavours that are as much Mediterranean as they are French or Nordic.

Come and join us in our cosy dining room or our relaxing terrace where we’ll ensure you have a truly memorable experience.
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